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carpet beetleA Carpet Beetle is a three mm-long pest living outside your home, but it could also be a serious household pest. There are proper places, usually in shady areas, to spread eggs and food to eat. They come into your house during the spring and summer, where they can smell food from outside and get in if they see unlocked windows or broken walls. Once carpet beetles come in, they feed in your home. Usually, they stay in your furniture in an inconspicuous and undisturbed area, clothing, food and organic fibres such as carpets.

How Do You Know If There Is A Carpet Beetle Infestation In Your House?

  • Suppose you see them around your windows. That means they try to go out once they have laid their eggs.
  • If you see them around the baseboards.
  • If you see a bug’s dead or shed skins and faecal spots.
  • It created a big hole in your carpet.

Methods For Getting Rid Of Beetles:

  • Check them in undisturbed and dark areas; once you see them, vacuum them immediately.
  • Regular cleaning of your carpet or rug. No need to explain in detail. Carpet Beetles are dirty if you see them, especially if you keep dropping food on your mat and letting them stay overnight. There is a possible breeding ground for beetles or bugs. A thorough vacuum is required to keep your house free of these critters and extend the life of your carpet.
  • You regularly clean where you put your clothing: drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. If you notice them on one of your garments, wash them in hot, soapy water. These will affect not only the beetles or bugs but also the eggs.
  • Regular cleaning of your furniture. Thorough cleaning once in a while.

If you have birds or insect perches around your home, clear them, as they will serve as hot zones for beetles.

  • Use carpet spray treatment products that precisely control the beetles or bugs.
  • Use bait: Did you know you can create bait for carpet beetles? You can purchase flypaper and coat it with pet food or hair.
  • Cedar: If you want to remove carpet beetles, consider using cedar. You won’t have to get stressed about the bugs for at least three years.
  • Hot and cold: If conservative, remove carpet beetles by airing invaded clothes and carpet in the light for a few hours. Carpet beetles are scared of the light and will shatter upon exposure to the sun. If you have frozen foodstuff, keep them at temperatures below 40 degrees.

Professional Carpet Beetle Management

If, for some reason, you cannot make all of the suggestions above, or the damage is severe, or you did all your best, and you are still seeing the beetles and bugs around, we suggest you hire a professional for better results. There are times that you think you can save money by doing it yourself when, in fact, you spend more time and money by repeating the job. When you contact the list of what they can do and ask for estimates, compare them with another professional carpet beetle removalIndeed, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland follows Auckland and International Pesticides Standards for Pest Control and the Environmental Protection Agency for Pesticide Applicator.

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