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oriental rugsThere isn’t any question about the wonder of Oriental carpets. Indeed, achieving this beauty with design and colour can only be described as an art form. The truth is that this art form dates back to the 15th century. With Oriental rugs, the use of colour and design often creates a work of art quite different from what one might have expected. This may be an unplanned effect. Indeed, oriental rugs are an art form determined by symmetrical patterns, designs, and repeated patterns. Therefore, call the Oriental Persian Rug Experts Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service, established in 1988 in West Auckland, North Shore, East, and South Auckland CBD, at 0800 783-266.

However, when a rug gets dirty and stained, it’s not only the top layer that needs to be cleaned. Thus, it can catch dust, dirt, and grime and settle deep within a rug, and stains can seep into its fibres. Indeed, Steam n Dry has invested in the most sophisticated rug cleaning equipment in West Auckland, North Shore, East, and South Auckland to provide the most thorough cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaners

Generally, Traditional Oriental rugs date back to the 15th and 16th centuries when traditional weaving occurred throughout Asia, China, India, Turkey, and Iran. Perhaps there was even some weaving that took place in Egypt and Spain. After some time, different regions worldwide developed distinctive designs and styles in their rug-making. These styles and designs resulted from the available materials, the types of dyes available, and the carpet weaver’s culture and beliefs. Rug made a functional item, but it was also and still is regarded as an art form.

Furthermore, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland rug service has two of the most extensive area rug cleaning operations in Auckland, servicing West Auckland, North Shore, East, and South Auckland. Indeed, we offer Auckland’s highest-quality rug repair and cleaning services with excellent reviews our competitors cannot beat. Certainly, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland’s clean rug service has invested in advanced rug cleaning technologies. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service rug cleaning is so thorough that we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Oriental Rugs Types And Care Cleaning

The art form of oriental rugs comes with several elements, including mathematics, Islamic art, and spirituality. Patterns utilised in Oriental rugs are not just a whim but follow the beauty of numbers and the divine origin of the Islamic doctrine, which believes multiplicity is an expression of unity. There is no question the beauty of these carpets is tied to creative talent and design, but it is also very dependent upon the quality of the yarn used to make the rugs. The rugs combine knots, rows, and wefts, which are part and parcel of the weaving process.

After the weaving, the pile of yarn is visible on the carpet’s surface. You can find the design, pattern, and colour in this pile. So even though an Oriental rug is two-dimensional in appearance, it is, in fact, three-dimensional in structure. And use two types of rug knots. The Turkish or Ghiordes knot and the Persian or Senneh knot are the most popular knot forms because all Oriental rugs are based upon repeated knot sequences. These two knots can be found in many handmade Oriental rugs.

The Four Oriental carpets have been a complex art form for thousands of years. The beauty we have all come to enjoy and value is higher than skin in-depth.

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Call the experts at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service, established in 1988 in West Auckland, North Shore, East, South Auckland Central City CBD, on 0800 783-266.

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If you are dissatisfied with the services you receive from Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Rug cleaners, please let us know, and we will re-clean your rug at no additional cost.

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