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Carpet beetles exterminationHave you risked getting rid of carpet beetles for several months but had no luck? Please remember that you are not alone if you answer this question. The carpet beetle is a widespread pest in both residential and commercial settings. They may harm your stored groceries and garments and wreak havoc on your carpet, but we can help you with that. The larvae of carpet beetle consume everything. Wool, hair, bristles, feathers, silk, furs, dried herbs, rye flour, wheat, clothes, textiles, and your bug collection are all consumed.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetle?

Rugged truck mounts, steam carpet cleaning and commercial pest control treatments can control and remove these pests. However, a licensed professional’s carpet beetle procedure needs to be applied like all quality pest control products. Remember, these pests can destroy your carpet very quickly. You will need an expert to do this.

Exterminating carpet beetle is as difficult as getting rid of cockroaches and termites. Keeping a house clean and devoid of food crumbs is challenging because these pests thrive on human food. Because most of the products needed to eradicate carpet beetles are widely available in the house, you should be capable of getting rid of them fast with the correct information. To eliminate the beetle, larvae, and eggs, the Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Beetle Extermination service specialists must wet spray your carpet with specialised chemicals.

Would You Happen To Know Where To Find Carpet Beetles? 

Carpet beetles are usually found throughout the edges of rugs and carpets. They can also thrive on lint, hair, and debris growing under baseboards and inside floor ducts and vents. Carpet beetles are thrifty. The insects move into places where other things have lived. Examples are wall voids, old rodent bait in attics and crawl spaces, and wasp or hornet nests.

Indeed, a graveyard is suitable, too; carpet beetles don’t mind places cluttered with dead bugs and spiders. From May to July, the beetles go outdoors to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy pollen and nectar and mate—the typical carpet beetle, insect, bird nests outside, and even the dead bird.

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Beetle Extermination

Things Needed:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • An ironing box
  • Pesticide spray
  • Bleach spray

Note: Before buying a pesticide, make sure you have selected the one that will kill the carpet beetles.


  1. First and foremost, you must identify all the places where carpet beetles are in your house. As stated earlier, carpet beetles can also find refuge in dressers and clothing drawers. So, you’ll need to carefully go through all your storage places where carpet beetles could hide.
  2. Secondly, using the vacuum cleaner, vacuum the whole house thrice to eliminate tiny food particles or dead people that carpet beetles in your home could be feeding. Please pay close attention to corners and seat cushions to avoid food crumbs.
  3. Next, wash all linens infested with carpet beetles using hot water to exterminate larvae. And if you do not have a dryer, air them in the sun and iron them to eradicate eggs and larvae traces.
  4. Wash every countertop plus baseboard using bleach spray to prevent and exterminate carpet beetles.
  5. Use a pesticide with the function to eliminate carpet beetles to spray your dressers, drawers, tables, chairs, lives and any other area where carpet beetles could reside. Spray the areas thrice to get rid of the problem. However, before proceeding with the spray, please read the product label.
  6. Finally, if foodstuffs are infection victims with carpet beetles, freeze them for at least two days. Doing this will exterminate the eggs.


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