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Carpet Cleaning MethodsWhich is the best carpet cleaning methods available in Auckland? Ask any carpet cleaner this question, and their answer will probably be whichever method they use. The question is not which carpet cleaning method is best but which way is best for the project’s cleaning needs. A thorough carpet inspection is always a good start and helps in:

  • Determining which method is best suited for the job
  • Identifying any potential problems or limitations
  • Discussing client expectations

Whichever carpet cleaning system is selected, proper vacuuming is fundamental.

Vacuuming can remove approximately 79% of all carpet soil. Unfortunately, overlooked vacuuming step by many carpet cleaning services. All our Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service technicians carry a quality upright vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter.

With the emphasis on “healthy” carpet cleaning, as much of the dry soil must be removed through vacuuming. The vacuum system should filter down to .1-.5 microns or ideally utilise a “HEPA” filter.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

The term dry cleaning certainly brings to mind a kind of waterless carpet cleaning system. Much like a dry cleaner would use to “dry clean” clothing.

The dry cleaning method is indeed better described as low moisture carpet cleaning. It’s “dry” because the carpet can be cleaned and quickly brought back into use.

The dry carpet cleaning methods are:

Absorbent Powder Dry Encapsulated Carpet Cleaning

  • This method utilises a porous medium (sponges or powders) infused with water and small detergent amounts. The solvent to absorb and control the soil once loosened, holding it for removal by vacuuming.
  • The sponges/powder works into the carpet with a counter-rotating double brush machine which also acts to revive the carpet pile while cleaning the carpets.
  • The advantages include less streaking and wick-backs of soil, and carpet can be back in service immediately.
  • This method’s disadvantages include a residue buildup of the absorbent sponges or powder seen at the carpet pile’s base. Consequently, this method may be limited in its ability to clean heavily soiled carpet.
  • Some popular cleaning system names of this method include Host and Capture.

Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service no longer uses this carpet cleaning method as it is not very useful.

Dry Chem Bonnet Pad Cleaning 

  • This cleaning method is accomplished by spraying a cleaning solution over the face of the carpet pile. The carpet is buff with absorbent pads or bonnets attached to a floor machine. The absorbent pads absorb the carpet soil. When the bonnets quit consuming the earth, the pads are rinsed, changed or turned over to finish the job.
The advantages of dry chem bonnet carpet cleaning
  • In this system’s ability to clean large areas that dry quickly. An excellent method to use for a maintenance program that requires minimal operator skill.
The disadvantage of this Dry Chem Bonnet method
  • Lack of deep cleaning action. Not the best system for heavy soil removal since there is not any rinsing action. The method is known as bonnet cleaning carpets. Its use for light, routine maintenance. It may be a method of regular carpet cleaning also. First, technicians vacuum the rug. A solution sprays on the carpet with either an electric sprayer or hand pump. It is important to note that:
    • Only the top third of the fibres cleaned.
    • It is not capable of reaching deeper.
    • Cleaning solutions and dirt accumulate at the bottom portion of the carpet fibres.
    • Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service rarely uses this carpet cleaning method as it is only a surface clean and not very useful. The solution stays on the carpet for the needed reaction or dwells time. The bonnet or pad resembles a towel. Advantages include:
      • Inexpensive, simple, and fast
      • Lightly soiled carpets see excellent results.

Rotary shampoo Cleaning

  • It is one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods and utilises a rotary floor machine equipped with a solution tank and a shower feed brush.
  • Due to the cleaning process’s scrubbing action, the carpet t pile can get distorted. The carpet pile should set or groom before the carpet dries to avoid an uneven appearance. Perform a thorough dry vacuuming to remove loose soil and crystallised detergent residues.
  • The advantages of this method are great agitation and deep cleaning. It produces, without a doubt, excellent overall carpet cleaning results. With low equipment and chemical costs, this system is very economical to use.

Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service no longer uses this carpet cleaning method as it generally leaves carpet too wet is not very useful.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaners 

It is one of the newer “dry” carpet cleaning methods. This system uses cleaning chemistry which contains both a detergent and a “crystallising” polymer.

The detergent works to suspend the soil, encapsulated by the polymer and dries to a crystal. This crystal will vacuum away.

  • The advantage of this method is the lack of dirt-attracting residues; the carpet stays cleaner longer. No rinsing is required. Large areas can be serviced quickly and are exceptionally cost-effective.
  • The disadvantage of this method is its ineffectiveness on grease impacted carpet. It will have Poor results with insufficiently pre-vacuuming the rug, using inferior quality encapsulating products or equipment which does not scrub deep enough.
  • Exceptional carpet cleaning solutions and agents are mixed with a powder and spread over the carpet. It works into the fibres with a counter-rotating brush-fitted machine. The powder absorbs soils. After setting for ten to 15 minutes, vacuum it.
  • Advantages include:
    • No technical training required for a simple system.
    • Dries faster
    • The carpet is back in service in 20 minutes.
  • Disadvantages are:
    • Powders get trapped in carpets with a plush pile and build up over time.
    • Excessive dust can occur in the home.
    • It can’t clean deep in the carpet.

Experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service no longer uses this carpet cleaning method as it is only really an interim surface clean and is generally not very useful.

Dry Foam Shampoo

This carpet cleaning method is a similar version of the shampoo method. Special equipment used, a foam generator that whips the shampoo liquid into a foam before applying to the carpet. To clarify, it earns its name “dry” from the low amount of liquid used (10% liquid and 90% air).

Advantages of Dry Foam
  • Inexpensive, simple to apply, and fast
  • Excellent agitation provided by rotating brushes
  • Due to the small moisture amount, carpets dry fasters.
Disadvantages of Dry Foam
  • Thorough soil extraction from below the carpet surface is not possible.
  • It cannot achieve high temperatures.
  • Equipment malfunction can cause excessive over-wetting
  • Most dry foam equipment uses reel-type brush systems for agitation. Some dry foam equipment equips with a vacuum recovery system to extract the soiled foam solution.
  • The advantages include low moisture usage resulting in fast drying times, and the ability to cover large areas in a short time. It is an excellent method for surface appearance management in commercial maintenance programs.
  • The disadvantages are a moderate level of soil removal and periodic hot water extraction when this carpet cleaning method used.

To conclude, experts Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service no longer uses this carpet cleaning method as it is not very useful.

The above listed dry carpet cleaning methods are most commonly used in the commercial carpet cleaning arena and can use in a home setting.

Hot Water Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Of all the carpet cleaning methods available, the one used for restorative commercial carpet cleaning and home carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

This method refers to steam cleaning or hot water extraction (a reagent pre-conditions the carpet by liquifying oil-based substances and soils that may be in the carpet fibres). The water should be at boiling temperature.

It is allowed to sit for ten to 15 minutes. The solution will extract in a vacuum.

Advantages of Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaners
  • Getting soil from deep in the carpets
  • Using high-cleaning concentrates, pressure, and hot temperatures
  • Allows extended dwell time for cleaning solution reaction
  • The most widely used method.
  • Industry carpet cleaning professionals, experts, and carpet manufacturers recommend the method.
Disadvantages of Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaners
  • Extended drying time by using powerful equipment such as truck mounts by competent professionals.
  • Equipment requires maximum efficiency.
  • A higher cost factor

Hot Water Extraction

  • This method performs by equipment that’s portable or truck-mounted, and hoses run to the cleaned area.
  • The carpet cleaning process works by injecting hot cleaning solution under pressure into the carpet fibres followed by immediate extraction. Proper “pre-conditioning” of heavy soil accumulation areas is an essential step in the steam cleaning process.
  • This cleaning method certainly works best when the carpet is pre-conditioned, agitated and then rinsed.
  • Although the modern truck mounts can offer more heat and quicker drying times than a portable, the portable machine can go where the truck mount cannot. Excellent cleaning results can achieve with either equipment choice.
  • The hot water extraction method’s advantages are high rates of production and relatively low chemical cost. They are recognised as the most efficient method for soil removal by carpet manufacturers and fibre producers.
  • The disadvantages include longer drying times, a high level of operator skill, and also high equipment and maintenance costs for the professional.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

NZ Wool Board, 3M, Dupont, and the world’s largest carpet manufacturers all recommend Steam Extraction, preferably using truck-mounted steam extraction. Carpet Cleaning Auckland uses this carpet cleaning method as beneficial and certainly the most recommended way by all the major carpet manufacturers.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Explained

In conclusion, each method of carpet cleaning, whether dry or wet, has advantages and disadvantages. Each system can provide excellent results on its own if operated as designed.

There are two types of steam extraction: portable, a smaller portable machine, or Truck mounted, which is done with a more productive machine and is by far the most effective carpet cleaning method available.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland uses this method as it is the beneficial and most recommended method by all the major carpet manufacturers.

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