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Carpet tiles are an alternative substitute for traditional carpeting, allowing your creativity to flow. It provides many pros over traditional broadloom carpeting that are worth looking at. For help, phone the professionals at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, East, and South Auckland Since 1988 at 0800 783-266. Listed here are the advantages of carpet tile cleaning.

Carpet Tiles Benefits

  • Best for children’s rooms, play areas, and family rooms
  • Incredibly durable and long-lasting
  • Simple to replace a worn or stained tile with a new tile
  • Simple to install. Peel the backing and stick it down like wood for floor tile.
  • Effortless clean
  • Easy to fit. 50 cm square and fit together perfectly.
  • Creativity and versatility. Let your ideas flow. Mix several colours, create a border, design a pattern, or do a solid colour. Your alternatives are endless.
  • Easy to move. Available in a box of 12 that’s easy to transport right in your car. There is no more waiting for the delivery truck to deliver an enormous carpet roll and then fighting to get it in your house.

The Pros And Cons Of Carpet Tile Cleaning

Auckland Steam n Dry will give you the pros and cons of this versatile floor covering to help you decide whether carpet tiles fit your sweet home.

  1.  Install Easily

Smaller-sized carpet tiles are more comfortable to lift, move, and install than broadloom carpets.

       2. Maintain Easily

Broadloom and modular mats have related cleaning requirements: regular vacuuming with a random deep clean.

Besides, damaged tiles can be displaced and replaced with new tiles from your attic stock.

       3. Much Durable

Some factors affect carpet durability; not all types offer the same performance. However, selecting durable carpet tiles is easy when considering less critical aspects.

       4. Flexible Design 

Carpet tiles offer more excellent design flexibility than broadloom carpets and even many types of hard flooring.

       5. Can Build A Comfortable Environment

Modular carpet offers notable ambient improvements – primarily associated with hard surface flooring.

Rug Or Carpet Tiles

Subsequently, we have seen countless rugs of all kinds over the years. Indeed, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland knows what a carpet can hide! Often rugs can conceal years of dirt. Indeed, we also work with high international standards, CRI 104/105 Carpet Installation Standards and AS/NZS 2455.1:1:2007 Textile floor coverings – Installation practice Part 2 Carpet tiles. Your area rug might look clean on the surface, but many scary things can lurk deep within your carpet.

Indeed, they are an ideal choice for kids’ rooms, and the available bright colours are beautiful to children and add cheeriness to the room. They are also easy to clean up, lift and replace if one becomes stained or damaged.

However, you can lay them all alone without involving anybody else. Similarly, why not surprise your wife and hubby with the new carpet when they return home? You’ll require a sharp utility knife with a tremendous heavy-duty blade, a double-sided rug, a ruler or straight edge, a measuring tape, and a marker. Carpet tiles feature a unique backing that eliminates the need for underlayment. And you’ll also need to remove any old underlayment before cleaning and drying the area to ensure the carpet tiles attach correctly.

They will not shrink, and they will never lose their colour. Indeed, you will soon find that an accident resulted in a stain. Pick up any extra solid, then soak the liquid by firmly dabbing. At the same time, work with a mild spot remover to lift any remaining marks. Many new carpet tiles are stain protected for quick removal of stains.

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For help, phone the professionals at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, East, and South Auckland Since 1988 at 0800 783266.

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