Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian carpets are a masterpiece of design that has been nurtured for centuries and dates back to the olden days. Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland is the Persian Rug Specialist you can trust to give your rugs the most professional cleaning.

Persian Rugs Deserve A Professional Carpet Cleaning

rug cleaningPersian, Oriental and Area Rugs have harmful dirt and dust particles that may be causing severe damage. These particles are rubbed into the rug pile’s fibres, like sandpaper, and will break down the collection when walked on, causing premature wear. Therefore, call the Experts at Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service since 1988 in West Auckland, North Shore, East, South Auckland Central City CBD on 0800 783-266. 

Furthermore, a professional carpet cleaning, like Auckland Steam n Dry, will remove all the harmful dust and dirt deep in a pile, restore the lustre to the rug, and give new life to all those beautiful colours you forgot. They were truly there!

Never have Persian, Oriental & Area Rugs chemically steam cleaned? When Steam Cleaning, Oriental Rugs strip the natural oils from the fibres, causing premature wear.
Indeed, the Persian carpet is an art that dates back over 2500 years to the Iranian carpet weaver. Throughout the centuries, like building blocks, the past talents have grown and developed into the modern Persian rugs of today. For the past 2500 years, Persian rugs have evolved from many different countries, but the Iranian specimens are still the most superior of all Persian rugs ever created. Perhaps that is because, to the Iranian, a Persian carpet is more than merely a rug. An Iranian home with no Persian carpet considered a work of art is without soul and heart.

Persian Rug Cleaning Specialist

When getting a professional Persian Rug Cleaning, the uniqueness of the Persian rug must look. What types of dyes/colours are used to produce those excellent colours? What are the materials used when making this beautiful Persian Rug? These are just a few questions Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service needs to know before cleaning a Persian Rug.

When you stick to one of the world’s greatest civilisations’ cultural growth, you follow the history of Persian carpets. What began as a simple act of need to protect tribe members from the cold grew in beauty and demanded an item desired by kings and noblemen, soon to become a wealth sign. The Iranian people invest all their wealth in Persian carpets as Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service invests in stocks. Persian rugs are also called Iranian reserves. Tehran bazaar has underground storage, which business people use to store their prized Persian rugs while their investments increase.

The original Persian rug was not a luxurious masterpiece of design; it is known today. Instead, its origins are humble. Tribal women create the Persian carpet as a requirement to keep the members of the tribe warm during the icy winters.

On the other hand, items need to manufacture attractively. Adore the tent floors with these vividly patterned carpets, adding joy and enthusiasm to the space. The carpets were also a form of writing used by tribe members to convey their joys, dreams, and desires. As time passed, these rugs also became the prayer mat for Muslims.

Area Rugs Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service are Rug Cleaners that do it correctly with evident results! A professional cleaner will protect your rugs against the harmful effects of dirt and dust hidden deep in a pile. These harmful particles/chemicals will break down the fibres of your carpet, causing some premature wear.

Before the cleaning begins, make the best procedure. Firstly, remove all dirt and dust within the pile. Then test the area rug for colour fastness. After using the materials for steam cleaning, it can investigate the carpet and use the exact procedure.

Never have your rugs chemically steam cleaned. These may be too harsh and damage your area rugs’ fibres, promoting premature wear.

It passed down the skill of making Persian rugs through the generations, with family secrets in style and designs closely guarded. Making a carpet in the past was indeed a labour of love that could take months, even years, to complete. As time passed, rug workshops evolved, requiring several people to work on one carpet. Use chants to tell the weavers what wool colour they will use. The moment the tribe moved on, it carefully disassembled the loom and the rug packed to move onto the new destination where the work would continue.

The colours in the carpets were always radiant and bright, and the designs were intricate. And it can create Natural dyes using insects, bark, roots, and plants. The wool carpet was washed and dried under the sun’s heat, then spun and died. Persian art lived on through changing cultures, times, and designs. Over time the requirements for carpets continued to grow, and the export industry blossomed. Carpet weavers were in the top group, with a craft not shared craft.

Rug Repair And Cleaning

It can permanently damage your rug or carpet area due to discolouration, burns, and daily wear and tear. In these situations, rug cleaning may not be the resolution to resolve your problem, and rug repair might be necessary.

Our Rug Repair Technicians at Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service have been repairing area rugs since 1987. Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service has some of Auckland’s most experienced rug repair and cleaning technicians and equipment. The Iran Carpet Company and design school were established in Tehran in the 16th century. Its goal was to return the art form to its former glory and preserve the Persian rug’s integrity.

Call the Experts at Steam n Dry Carpet Rug Cleaning Auckland service, since 1988 in West Auckland, North Shore, East, South Auckland Central City CBD on 0800 783-266.

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