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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Call the Experts at Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service. Since 1988, we have worked in West Auckland, North Shore, East, and South Auckland. We follow a 4-step cleaning process to ensure you have fresh, sanitised carpets. The first step is pre-vacuuming using a HEPA Filter, done when necessary. Next are pre-spray and grooming, followed by high-temperature deodorising vacuum extraction using premium truck-mounted cleaner equipment. The last part involves treatment to protect the fibres of our carpet and keep it clean between carpet cleaning services.

We also work with the high carpet cleaning standards recommended by manufacturers, Shaw Carpet Care and Maintenance and Prochem Cleaning Products and Equipment.

Pre Vacuuming Before Carpet Cleaning

No matter which method you opt for carpet cleaning, the first and foremost thing experts advise you is to vacuum your carpet before cleaning.

Yes, it is essential to vacuum before carpet cleaning. Due to pet hair and regular foot traffic, your carpet is attracted to all the dry dirt particles, soil, pet hair, fungi, and other contaminants, which can be removed by vacuuming.

Vacuuming will help extract loose dirt particles to clean them thoroughly later. Make sure you choose the best vacuum cleaner machine suitable for the fabric of your carpet so that no sign of pet hair or dirt is on your carpet.

Vacuum Cleaners

A Canister Vacuum Cleaner is light in weight and easily portable substitute for an upright vacuum. Numerous canister vacuum cleaners also have a tool caddy attached to the canister body and rotating bristles in the nozzle. You can use canister vacuums on carpeted surfaces. Such areas can be challenging to reach with an upright vacuum, for instance, stairs.

Some brands give you a 3- to 5-year warranty. Most brands offer an extended warranty for an extra cost.

Tips On Purchasing A Good Vacuum Cleaner

When searching for a canister vacuum, consider characteristics specific to your needs and, if you have any furniture, moulding, or draperies to clean, multipurpose tools. If you have enough room, use longer hoses and cords; if not, use lighter equipment to move the unit from one floor to another. Ideally, test-drive a vacuum to ensure the machine is easy to manoeuvre, the collection canister is easy to empty, and the attachments are straightforward.

If the occupants of your home are allergy-prone, consider a HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) system. A HEPA system is a sealed filtration system that retains as much as 99 per cent of the dirt, dust, pollens, and mites encountered throughout vacuuming.

Meticulously examine the brush roll located on the main nozzle. Some units have independent motors that allow the brush roll to dig deeper into the thick-pile carpet. Others have turbo- or suction-driven brush tools, which have less strength but might still be adequate to meet your requirements. Several models now come with “pet” tools, handy tools with rotating, agitating brushes marketed to deal with problem pet hair.

Don’t be misled by gimmicky features. Although a vacuum may have a pet hair system or the newest HEPA filtration system, that doesn’t mean it is the best performer. For instance, the vacuum’s ability to collect all dust, dirt, and pollen depends on its design and filter system. The same applies to dirt sensors. A few canister vacuums have a light-up “dirt sensor.” However, this sensor only indicates when the vacuum has stopped collecting dirt, not whether there is still dirt in the rug.

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