Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Types of carpet cleaningSearching for an exemplary carpet cleaning service for your home can be challenging. Besides, there are many different types of carpet cleaning services available. But how do you know which among them to select? It is a guide by Mr Graeme Stephens, Auckland Steam n Dry CEO. 

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services Available In Auckland

  • Bonnet Cleaning – This carpet cleaning is for commercial applications only. Generally, it does not clean the carpet to the extent that it restores its look. Indeed, this carpet cleaning can damage the fibres of most residential carpets.
  • Dry Cleaning – An ideal technique for carpet cleaning service. Dry cleaning is preferred because you do not need to wait for carpets to dry. Special powders spread on the rug resemble a magnet to attract dirt. But it requires simple vacuuming to remove the powder from your carpet.
  • Foam Cleaning is one of the carpet cleaning services in the middle of shampooing and dry cleaning. Specifically, foam cleaning diminishes the amount of water applied to the carpet during cleaning. The foam used throughout the carpet cleaning draws in the dirt after working into the rug. Also, vacuuming is the only necessity.

Which Is Better, Shampooing or Steam Cleaning Carpets?

  • Steam Cleaning – This most efficient and powerful carpet cleaning method is known as hot water extraction. Indeed,  Steam cleaning is usually done by cleaning services. It is because of the powerful machines available for effective cleaning. Therefore, apply hot water and detergent to the carpet. And the extract to remove most of the soil and microbes on the rug. 
  • Shampooing – Perhaps the least effective method of carpet cleaning service is shampooing and applying detergents to the carpet. These detergents are then disturbed by the carpet cleaning machine. Lastly, remove the detergents from the carpet by vacuuming. This carpet cleaning service will leave your carpet looking good and smelling nice. It will not eliminate the dirt and microbes stuck in the carpet. After some time, the stains and dirt will come back.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Service

Irrespective of the carpet cleaning service you select, getting help from a qualified carpet cleaning technician and a company with a good reputation is the key to success. Call us the Carpet Cleaning Auckland carpet professionals! We are the people you need precisely.

Therefore, call the experts at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland service, which has operated since 1988 in West Auckland, North Shore, East, South Auckland Central City CBD, at 0800 783-266.

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