Grout Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

clean groutKeeping clean grout is very important for lengthening the life of tiled areas. Read on for some essential tips to remember as you clean your grout.

Clean Grout Don’ts

  • DO NOT be impatient. It takes a while for the cleaners to work; sometimes, you may have to re-clean some spots.
  • Using more chemicals than required is harmful to the grout & will cause it to decay faster.
  • DO NOT combine bleach with ammonia cleaners because this makes a deadly chlorine gas.
  • DO NOT use strong chemicals. They can damage the grout. Use the mildest cleaner first, slowly increasing the level needed to remove spots.
  • DO NOT use acid-based cleaners (such as vinegar & ammonia) for regular cleaning. Too much use of acid cleaners can cause discolouration. However, they are powerful at tough stains but start with a mild solution, increasing the cleaner’s ratio to water.
  • DO NOT work with a cleaner that has added colour to it. It can stain your grout.


  • DO get the area wet before beginning to scour the grout. It would be best to give the water or other cleaning solution time to work before scrubbing.
  • DO use a disinfectant to kill bacteria, germs, mould, and mildew. They could eat into the grout, shortening its life if not destroyed.
  • DO consider special care of the grout, only scrubbing it if necessary. Please use a soft brush, as it will get the job done.
  • DO dry the area thoroughly when done cleaning. It will prevent mildew and mould from recurring as soon as possible.
  • DO work with a cushion or pad to kneel on if you haven’t cleaned your grout for a while.
  • DO seal your grout regularly (once or twice each year). It will protect against further dirt & mould from getting into the grout, making maintenance less difficult.
  • DO enjoy an excellent time cleaning! Cleaning your grout can be a chore, but you can savour the grout-cleaning process.
  • It will be of great benefit when done. And don’t forget to have your grout sealed to help ease your cleaning problem.

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Last updated 30/12/2023 Experienced, researched, and written by  Graeme Stephens

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