How To Clean Stained Grout

grout whitenerAs grout ages, it can turn darker due to dirt and traffic, so you may want to use a grout whitener on your tiled floors. It will significantly help make your kitchen or bathroom look new again. You can lighten the colour of your grout by using an inexpensive, straightforward process. Most homeowners periodically lighten or whiten their grout to keep their rooms looking their best. Others are only concerned about it once it’s time for visitors they put their houses up for sale. When you plan to do it, lightening the colour of the grout will help your home look its best.

Use Grout Whitener To Lighten Grout:

  1. Wash the whole area with clean water and allow it to dry. Wear a pair of gloves and turn a fan on for proper ventilation. Then, apply a grout whitener to all the grout lines in your tiled room. Dab your sponge with the whitener to absorb it into the grout lines. After that, give the grout lightener plenty of time to dry.
  2. Next, wipe off the excess whitener from your tiles using paper towels. Don’t worry about getting in there and using some elbow grease to remove the tiles’ excess. You should remove it quickly, and then you can wipe or sweep it up. Wait about a day before you get the grout lines wet again, utilising the tiled floor. You can use excellent grout whitener on your tile grout without worry. Excessive is a better thing than not using enough. Air out the room the entire time you work and when it’s drying. Additionally, grout whitener won’t function on silicone or caulk; it will only operate on grout.

Natural Grout Lightener

You are also able to lighten grout naturally. Numerous chemicals are on the market, and every manufacturer claims their product is the best. A number of these items are relatively pricey, too. Cleaning with more natural products can lower your expenses and free up your income for other stuff.

Whitening toothpaste is one of the products that people use to clean and brighten grout. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and circular strokes to remove the stains. Cleaning your teeth is similar to cleaning your grout, which can be done with baking soda and other grout-cleaning substances. Grout on tiles is porous; thus, filth and debris can accumulate in the grouted regions. Use toothpaste to clean the grout’s cracks and crevices. It will bubble up and aid in the cleaning process. Use a cup of water, toothpaste, toothbrush, and scrubbing movements to lighten the grout.

If you find stubborn stains that won’t lighten, try using lemon juice on the tiled area and allow it to stand for several minutes to loosen the particles creating the colour. Don’t use lemon juice on travertine tiles because the acid can etch into their finish. Combining one part water with one part cheap bleach may also act as a grout whitener. On the other hand, we at Steam ‘n’ Dry Grout Whitener Auckland are insured and licensed Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technicians and Color Repair Technicians. Therefore, we can guarantee quality service; you can contact or email us.

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