Selecting A Grout Colour When Home Remodeling

grout coloursMatching grout colours is a lot more of an art than a science. The use, age and cleaning products could cause your grout to become discoloured, and if you use any of the original batches to fill gaps, the colours will stay the same. If you wish to match grout that has discoloured, you will have to experiment and eliminate non-matches. You’ll need to remix and compare to get the best match every time you do that. Grout may also change its colour as it dries; hence, let any grout dry before making a final comparison.

Initially, you’ll have to clean your current grout with a 02 bleach product before trying to match colours. Purchase a grout sample chart from a local home improvement store and pick the grout colour you used initially as close as possible. Make sure you use only dry grout colours for measuring and adjusting colours.

Tips On How To Mix Grout Colours

You can experiment with colour combinations in grout by mixing small batches and permitting them to dry. Then you can now compare the colours. Use as close as you have to the original colour and a lighter and darker match.

Make a handy sample board to compare the grout colours side by side. Mix a batch of the original colour, or use lighter and darker shades, using the most luminous colour as dominant in every mixture. Apply this sample to a board and allow it to dry before comparing the colour to your existing grout colours.

Continue mixing your different colours and apply newer colours to the board to easily compare them to the grout you have. The best choice is, to begin with, the lighter colours, adding smaller amounts of neutral and darker colours. When you find a match, ensure you track how many colours you add to duplicate it. Mix in your colours and compare until you’re close to a game.

Ask The Colour Mixing Specialist For Better Grout Color Result

You may have specialist assistance by getting help in your colour mixing from someone who knows the process of mixing colours. It may be a craftsperson, an artist, or a local tile layer with a great experience. It’s also possible to order and use a custom grout colour for the entire area.

The probabilities are limitless if you remove and replace the grout with your own colour choice. The necessary mixing and using grout are the same, whether you’re using colours or not. A custom colour will add extra warmth and character to your tile.

Best Way To Choosing Grout Colours For Your Home

Pick a colour that you like a lot from the options available. Buy at least two bottles of acrylic paint if you use that to make the custom colouration. Purchase your grout in pure white to dye it the colour you want. Mix your grout as usual, then add grout colours until you have your custom hue.

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Last updated 29/12/2023 Experienced, researched, and written by  Graeme Stephens

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